a.       Answering at a switchboard / in an office / at a private number
Good morning, Montreal supplies. May I help you?
Hello, Lion Restaurant. Can I help you?
Good afternoon, Roland Scott, speaking
Hello, 88675932
b.      Requesting Identity
Who’s calling, please?
May I ask who’s calling?
Who’s speaking, please?
Can I have your name, please?
c.       Asking the caller to hold
Hold the line, please. I’ll see if he’s in
Hold on, please. He’s coming now
Just a moment, please. She’ll be with you right away
One moment, please. I’ll see if he’s free
He’s speaking on the other line. Will you hold?
d.      Connecting the callers
I’ll connect you with the manager
I’ll put you trough to the manager
It’s ringing for you                   
You’re trough. Go ahead
e.       The person being called is not in
I’m sorry; the manager is out at the moment
I’m terribly sorry. Mr Hotman is away on business right now
He is not in the office now, but he’ll be back at 4 o’clock
f.       Taking messages
Can I take a message?
Can I give him a message?

a.         Requesting a particular person or service
May I speak to Mr. Bates, Please?
May I speak to the manager, please?
May I have the Account Department, please?
b.         Identifying yourself
This is Mr. Delano’s secretary
This is Pierre Humphrey
I’m calling on behalf of Mr. Humphrey
c.         The person you are calling is not in
Could you tell me when he’ll be back?
Do you know what time she’ll be back?
d.        Leaving a message
Yes, could you tell him to call me back?
Yes, tell her that I call. This is Rita
No, thanks. I’ll call back later
No, thanks. It’s not urgent      

Hello, it’s Nanda from Jaya Nusantara Teknik. May I help you?
Good morning/ afternoon. Nanda from Jaya Nusantara Teknik. What can I do for you?

Hello, It’s Nanda, Who is this?
Hello, It’s Nanda, Is it Ari?
Hello, It’s Nanda, Is Ari there?
Hello, Nanda speaking?

Andy speaking. Can I help you?
Who’s calling, please?
This is Rudy from Indonesia
Can I leave message?
I am sorry, the line is busy.
Can I have your number?
Just a moment please.
Do you want to hold on or call back later?
Can I take a message?

5.      IN THE END
May I call your letter?
Yes, sure. Bye.
Nice talking to you
Thank you for calling

1.      Introducing yourself. Phrases to use when you place the call.
When calling a general number:
-        May I speak with Marina Smith?
-        Hello, this is John Block calling for Marina Smith.
-        Is Marina Smith in? (informal)
When the person answers the call directly:
-        Hi Marina, it’s John calling.
-        Good afternoon, Marina. This is John Block from ABC company calling.
2.      Answering the phone. There are many different ways to answer your phone.
For calls to your direct line:
-        Good morning, this is Marina.
-        Good afternoon, XYZ firm. How may I help you?
-        Marina speaking.
-        XYZ firm, Marina speaking.
For calls to your direct line, when the person asks for you by name:
-          Speaking (caller says: “Is Marina there?” and Marina replies: “speaking”).
-          This is she / this is he (caller says: “Is Marina in?” and Marina replies “This is she”).
For calls to a general number:
-        Thank you for calling XYZ. How may I direct your call?
3.      Connecting someone. When you answer the phone and it is for somebody else.
-        One minute, I’ll transfer you now.
-        Please hold and I’ll put you through.
-        Let me see if Jim is available.
-        One moment, please.
-        Hang on a minute. (informal)
4.      When you need to put somebody on hold
-        Jim is on another line at the moment. Would you like to hold?
-        I’m sorry, I have a call on my other line. Can you please hold?
5.      When you don’t understand the caller
-        Could you please repeat/rephrase that?
-        I’m sorry, I didn’t catch what you just said.
-        Can you please speak a little more slowly?
-        Can you please speak a little louder?
6.      Clarifying what your caller says
-        Can you please spell that for me?
-        How do you spell your last name?
-        And that company name again was, JAQ Industries?
-        Let me repeat your information to make sure I got it right.
7.      Ending a conversation
-        It’s been great talking with you. I’ve got a meeting now so I better run.
-        Thanks for calling. I’ll speak with you again soon.
-        I’ve got another call coming in. Good talking to you.
-        I better let you go.
-        It’s 5 o’clock already. I better let you go.
-        Let’s touch base on this again in a few days.
-        Nice to speak to you, let’s speak again soon
-        Is there anything else I can help you with?…Okay, thanks for calling. Have a great day.
-        Is there anything else I can do for you?…Okay, have a good day
1.         Secretary and a caller
Secretary : Good morning. Gama Corporation. Can I help you?
Caller : Good morning. May I speak to Mr Fahrur Assegaf, please?
Secretary : Who’s speaking, please?
Caller : This is Apryan Siregar of Horasindo Oil Company.
Secretary : I beg your pardon, Sir.

Could you spell your first name, please?
Caller : Alfa-Papa-Romeo-Yankee-Alfa-November. That’s APRYAN.
Secretary : Thank you, Mr Apryan Siregar. Just a moment, please.
Caller : All right.

Secretary : I’m sorry, Sir.
Mr Assegaf is in a meeting with the Board now.
Caller : That’s OK! He is the Headboard. Can I leave a message?
Secretary : With pleasure, Sir.
Caller : Please tell him to call me back at 1 p.m. today.

Secretary : Right, Sir. Could I have your phone number, please?
Caller : Sure. +62-817-410-4496. Have you got that?
Secretary : Yes, Sir. +62-817-410-4496. Anything else, Sir?
Caller : Is Mr Rahmat, his assistant, in?

Secretary : I’m sorry, Sir. He is attending a seminar in Ogan Hotel.
Could I take your message, Sir?
Caller : Emm…please tell him that I’ll come to see him at 9 tomorrow morning.
Secretary : Right, Sir. I’ll give your message.
Caller : OK. Thank you for your help. Goodbye.
Secretary : You’re welcome, Sir. Goodbye.

2.         Dina is calling her friend. Robin at the other room, in the some  Office
Dina     : Hello, is that Robin?
Robin   : Yes, who’s speaking?
Dina     : Dina. Can you help me?
Robin   : Yes, certainly
Dina     : I don’t find the receipt you gave me yesterday
Robin   : I’ll come to you in a minute

3.         Someone to see Mr. Lubis, the general manager
Caller               : Hello, May I speak to Mr. Lubis?
Secretary          : Who’s calling please?
Caller               : Andy Wibowo, is he in, please?
Secretary          : He isn’t in the office, sir.
Would you like to leave a message?
Caller               : No, thanks
Secretary          : Would you call back later?
Caller               : Yes, I will

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